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Edible oil filling machine

Edible oil filling machine is usually used in the last stage of large, medium and small scale edible oil production plant to fill the refined edible oil by bottle or bag. According to the degree of automation of production, there are two kinds of edible oil filling machine: semi-automatic edible oil filling machine and automatic edible oil filling line.

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine is suitable for small or medium scale edible oil production plants. Two kinds of machines are required: semi-automatic edible oil filling machine and cap pressing machine or cap screwing machine. And the other working processes should be manually operated by workers, such as put the bottle on the filling machine, press the switch, put the filled oil bottle on the cap pressing machine or cap screwing machine, etc.

edible oil filling machineThe working process of semi-automatic edible oil filling machine

As the above picture shows, there are many kinds of semi-automatic edible oil filling machine. According to the working principle, they can be divided into volume measurement type, mass measurement type and volume and mass measurement type. And depending on the number of filling heads, they have single-head, double-head and multi-head edible oil filling machine. The performance and working efficiency of different edible oil filling machines are different, but the main performance indicators are the filling speed and the measurement accuracy.

Automatic edible oil filling line

The capacity of the automatic edible oil filling line has different scale, which can be customized depending on the actual needs of customers. The automatic edible oil filling production line includes unscrambler of bottle, automatic edible oil filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc., which can realize fully automated production, high efficiency and saving manpower. In addition, besides edible oil filling machine, Doing Company can also provide customized bottle blowing equipment.

The following is the photos of a 5TPD automatic sunflower oil filling line installed by Henan Doing Company in Uzbekistan in 2019. The customer also bought bottle blowing equipment together. The installation and commissioning of the two sets of machines were performed simultaneously. During the process, the installation engineer and the Russian sales manager of DOING worked closely and actively communicated with customer to help him complete the installation and commissioning of bottle blowing equipment and edible oil filling line. The edible oil filling line ran stably and smoothly, and our customer are very satisfied with the filling effect.

edible oil filling line5TPD automatic sunflower oil filling line installed in Uzbekistan in 2019

Although there are many types of edible oil filling machine, as long as you have specific needs, engineers of Doing Company can recommend suitable edible oil filling machine for you. If you also plan to purchase other auxiliary equipment for edible oil production project, then contact Doing Company, you can get one-stop service. We can provide weighbridge, oil tanks, laboratory equipment, generators and other auxiliary equipment, so that you don't have to seek many manufacturers and save plenty of time. Welcome to contact us!

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