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Screw conveyor

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The introduction of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor, also called auger conveyor, is one of the commonly used conveying equipment in cooking oil mill projects, usually used to convey oil seeds. It is a spiral rotary structure, which is driven by a motor to push the oil seeds forward to achieve the purpose of conveying. According to the specific workshop design, the screw conveyor can transport oil seeds from one point to another horizontally, obliquely or vertically.

The types of screw conveyor

screw conveyorTwo types of screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is divided into two types: one is with shaft, and the other is without shaft. In cooking oil mill projects, screw conveyors with shafts are generally used. Among them, a special type of screw conveyor, distribution conveyor, is also usually used. The one-in two-out type is used more often to feed oil seeds to two machines for feeding.

The working principle of screw conveyor

screw conveyorThe structure of screw conveyor

When the screw conveyor is working, with the rotation of the screw shaft, the gravity of the oil seeds and its friction with the tank wall make the oil seeds move forward along the groove bottom of the conveyor under the push of the blade. The middle oil seeds will be driven forward by the thrust of the rear oil seeds.

The features of screw conveyor

1) The structure of the screw conveyor is relatively simple and the cost is low.

2) Small cross-sectional area and small footprint.

3) Easy operation and simple maintenance management.

4) It can realize sealed transportation, which can reduce environmental pollution.

5) It can transport to the reverse direction, and can also make a conveyor transport materials in two directions at the same time. That is away from the center or gather to the center.

How to select the size and model of the screw conveyor is generally determined by the overall design of the cooking oil mill project. Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd can provide you with a complete set of plant design, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation guidance and other services for cooking oil mill projects. If you need other auxiliary equipment for oil mill plant, Doing Company can also provide you with suitable equipment on request.

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