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What edible oil can be produced by edible oil production line? How are their production processes different?

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Edible oil, as daily necessities, are common soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil and so on. Next, the production process of edible oil will be introduced in detail. The property of oil seeds is different, production technology is also slightly different. Examples are as follows:

Example 1:Soybean oil production process

Soybeans are pretreated before being pressed, including cleaning impurities, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking. It is then pressed and refined to make edible soybean oil. In addition, in order to reduce the residual oil rate of soybean oil, we will also conduct leaching treatment of soybean oil after pretreatment, so that the residual oil rate of soybean oil is less than 1%.

soybean oil production process

Example 2: Sunflower oil production process

Sunflower seed oil needs to be cleaned of impurities, shelled, separated from the kernel, flaked, fried, pressed, filtered, refined and dewaxed. Because sunflower seed oil contains a lot of wax, wax is harmful to human body, so we need to dewaxing sunflower seed oil.

sunflower oil production process

Example 3: Peanut oil production process

Similar to soybean oil, sunflower oil production process, peanut oil production process includes:cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking etc process to adjust the peanut seed into the best condition for oil pressing, easy to press oil out and easy for next peanut oil production section. If you want to obtain greater economic benefits, you can also consider the further processing of the press peanut cake with a set of cooking oil solvent extraction plant.

peanut oil production process

The above is the production process of conventional oilseeds. Their pretreatment and pressing process are basically similar, but there are some special oilseeds that require special production processes. Next, I will introduce you the production process of palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Example 4: Palm oil production process

Palm fruit bunches is first sterilized, threshed, digested and then pressed. But after being pressed, it is filtered several times to get the high quality palm oil. Due to the high content of free fatty acids in palm fruit, easy to rancor, so it needs to be sterilized within 48 hours after picking to kill yeast. On the other hand, sterilizing can make the palm fruit soft, which is beneficial to separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches.

palm oil production process

Example 5: Palm kernel oil production process

If your raw material is palm nuts, so its production process is :

Palm nuts—— palm kernel cracker and separator—— palm kernel crusher—— palm kernel roaster—— palm kernel oil press—— palm kernel oil filter. This is just the production process of small scale palm kernel oil mill plant. If your processing capacity is large, Henan Glory Company suggests that you'd better contact professional palm kernel oil processing machine supplier to get more professional advice and solution.

palm kernel oil production process

Therefore, the production process of different oil seeds is basically different. If we want to built a successful edible oil mill plant, we'd better consult the professional cooking oil processing machine manufacturer supplier, their engineers will customize professional edible oil production plan for you according to the characteristics of each oil seeds. Finally, Henan Glory Company wishes all investors of edible oil processing business can find a reliable equipment supplier and buy high quality equipment to start a successful cooking oil processing business to make more money.

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