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What is the process of producing oil from sunflower seeds?

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We generally use the sunflower oil press to produce oil from sunflower seeds. Its operation process mainly includes two stages of pretreatment and pressing. The pretreatment is to adjust the sunflower seeds to the best state before pressing, increase the oil yield and improve the oil quality. Let's take a look at the specific process of producing oil from sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seeds pretreatment

1. Cleaning

The freshly harvested sunflower seeds contain many impurities, so they need to be cleaned first. The stones, steel wires, etc. are screened out through a magnetic separator, a vibrating screen and a destoner, which is convenient for subsequent processing and can also prevent damage to the machine.

2. Hulling

Use the disc huller to hull sunflower seeds to separate the kernel shells. This step is to reduce the residual oil rate.

3. Flaking

The separated sunflower kernels are rolled from the granular shape to the flake shape with the flaking roll. The flake shape can increase the surface area and shorten the oil path, which is beneficial to the extraction of the oil.

4. Cooking

Feed the sunflower seed raw material in the shape of flake to the cooker. After moistening and cooking, the temperature is increased to achieve the purpose of removing water and moisture, destroying the structure of the oil protein, and denaturing it, thereby increasing the oil yield and improving the quality of crude oil. .

Sunflower seeds oil pressing

sunflower seed oil pressSunflower seed oil press machine

The processed sunflower seeds are sent to the sunflower seed oil press for pressing to extract sunflower oil.

Of course, you can choose to further process the pressed sunflower oil to refine sunflower oil with higher purity. Henan Glory Company can provide you with equipment for each section. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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