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Customer from Uganda came to learn about 30tpd sunflower oil processing line

Date:Jan 28, 2021/ News/ Leave a message

Last one month, a lot of customers send us the inquiry about sunflower oil processing machine, and among them, there are many African customers. One of our customers from Uganda came to Zhengzhou on June 10th. His main aim is to learn about 30tpd sunflower oil processing line's technology, process and machine quality.

sunflower oil processing machine ugandaCustomer from Uganda is watching our photo wall with sales manager

First, he came to our office. Accompanied by the sales manager, discussed with the engineer 30 tons of sunflower oil processing line. Besides, they watched the sunflower oil processing line 3D video and the sales manager introduced the functions of each equipment in the whole sunflower oil processing line one by one.

In fact, our engineers can design the sunflower oil processing line according to your requirement and budget. For example, the price of sunflower seeds husking machine and kernel shell separating machine is a little expensive, some customers choose remove this machine from the machine list. It is depending on your choice. So, you need tell us your requirement, then our sales manager and engineers provide the suitable designing for you.

sunflower oil processing plant ugandaUgandan customer visited Doing Factory with sales manager

This customers also went to our factory to see the sunflower oil processing machine and batch type sunflower oil refinery machine model machine. He has planed to negotiate the price and delivery problem with our sales manager. When his loan is approved, it is time to sign the contract with us. We are looking forward to cooperating with him. The latest news will be updated in time. Please continue to focus.

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