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Edible oil filling machine will send to Uzbekistan

Date:Jan 18, 2019/ News/ Leave a message

As we all know, Uzbekistan is one of the countries that produce the most sunflower oil. When the sunflower oil refinery plant was going to build, our customer from Uzbekistan bought a set of edible oil filling machine again from Henan Doing Company.

edible oil filling machineEdible oil filling machine is ready to be loaded in the truck

Today, the edible oil filling machine has finished loaded and ready to transported to Uzbekistan by train.

This is a set of edible oil filling line, which is able to improve the efficient of his sunflower oil production. It contains blow moulding machine, unscrambler, filling machine, screw cap machine and labeling machine. 

Besides edible oil filling machine, Henan Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cooking oil mill machinery, from oil seeds pretreatment to cooking oil filling. Also, Doing Company can arrange engineers to provide installation instruction on site. If you need, welcome to contact us.

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