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Edible oil testing laboratory equipment

Edible oil testing laboratory equipment is mainly used in edible oil plants to detect raw materials, crude oil parameters and refined oil indicators. It mainly includes the content of water volatiles, impurities, acid value, iodine value, soap content, color, odor, heating test, smoke point, and the residual oil in cake meal.

edible oil testing laboratory equipmentEdible oil testing laboratory equipment

Why need to detect these in edible oil production?

First, engineers should design appropriate processes and capacity according to the raw material situation and the customer's target market requirements for the refined oil indicators.

For example, in the edible oil refining process, you need to know the acid value, moisture, and color of the crude oil, and the final acid value, moisture, and color you want, to determine use physical or chemical refining technology, and the amount of chemicals added during production process.

Second, customers need to know whether the parameters and contents of these products meet the requirements during the collection of raw materials, actual production process, and selling refined oil, so that customers can make reasonable adjustments to production in a timely manner.

The main components of edible oil testing laboratory equipment are:

Electric oven, electric thermostat, Lovibond colorimeter, refrigerator, smoke point tester, rapidmoisture meter, thermostat water bath , burette, titrate stand, solvent, and some other auxiliary facilities.

edible oil testing laboratory equipmentThe edible oil testing laboratory equipment in Kenya's palm oil refinery project

The main functions of each equipment:

Electric oven, electric thermostat, and rapid moisture meter are mainly used to measure the moisture content in oil and grease.

Refrigerator for grease freezing test.

Smoke point tester is used to test edible oil smoke point.

Thermostat water bath is used to determine the saponification value of oil's soap content and unsaponifiable content.

Burette, titrate stand is used for measuring iodine and peroxide value.

Solvent is for measuring oil content of oil seeds, cake and meal.

If you want to build a complete edible oil plant, edible oil testing laboratory equipment is indispensable. So it is recommended that customers purchase them together when buying edible oil production equipment.

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