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The degumming process of vegetable oil

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The degumming process of vegetable oil is also called dephosphorization process, because the main colloid in vegetable oil is phospholipid. Besides, there are also proteins and their breakdown products, phlegmatic, a complex of colloid and a variety of metals, etc. The exist of these substances not only influence the quality of product oil and the stability of vegetable oil storage, but also affect the subsequent vegetable oil refining process and the further processing of the vegetable oil.

In vegetable oil refining process, there are two degumming methods usually used in degumming process. One is hydration degumming method, the other is dry degumming method. They are suitable for different crude vegetable oil. For example, hydration degumming method is suitable for soybean oil because of the high colloid content. The dry degumming method is often used in palm oil refining process, because the colloid content of palm oil is very low.

Hydration degumming method in vegetable oil degumming process

vegetable oil degumming processHydration degumming process flow chart

Hydration degumming method is using the hydrophilicity of colloid impurities, to add hot water or electrolyte solution to make the colloid absorb water to become larger, so that to use gravity or centrifuge can separate the colloid impurities from oil. But hydration degumming method will produce large quality of waste water, so you should to deal with it.

Dry degumming method in vegetable oil degumming process

vegetable oil degumming processDry degumming process flow chart(with decolorization section)

Dry degumming method is a method of combining with decolorization process, which is used for palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, peanut oil and olive oil refining process. In a word, it is suitable for low colloid content. Add a certain amount of phosphoric acid to be mixed with oil, and then use the absorption of the white clay to remove the colloid impurities.

All in all, the degumming process of vegetable oil should be designed according to the index of your crude vegetable oil and the requirement of the product oil. Henan Doing Company has professional engineers and own factory to help you start your vegetable oil refinery plant. Please contact us directly.

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