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The introduction of plate filter

plate filterThe DOING Brand plate filter 3D picture

Plate filter is a kind of filtering equipment commonly used in edible oil production process. It includes filter frame, filter plate and filter cloth. It is mainly used to remove solid suspended impurities in crude oil, which effectively solves the problem of difficult filtering and slagging of crude oil in edible oil production process. In addition, it is also used in sunflower oil dewaxing process to filter the wax from sunflower oil.

How to operate the plate filter in edible oil production process?

plate filter3D animation of plate filter working process

1. Install the filter cloth on the filter plate. The filter cloth should be installed firmly to avoid wrinkles, and the oil outlet on the cloth and the oil outlet on the plate should be aligned to prevent oil leakage during filtering.

2. Filter the crude oil. The crude oil will pass through the filter cloth of the plate filter under pressure, while leaving solid suspended impurities on the filter cloth. When the filtrate is cloudy, the oil needs to be re-filtered until the impurities are filtered out before the oil can be collected into the filtered oil tank.

3. Remove the oil residue: After filtering for a period of time, impurities filtered from crude oil will form a filter cake on the filter cloth. As the filter cake becomes thicker and thicker, it will lead to an increase in filtration resistance and affect the filtration operation. Therefore, regular slag unloading operation is required.

4. Clean the filter cloth. After the slag unloading operation, please clean the filter cloth according to the condition of it. If the filter cloth is only used for a short period of time and the oil leakage is still good, then after removing the filter cake, you can continue to use it. If the filter cloth is used for a long time and the oil leakage is significantly slow, the filter cloth needs to be thoroughly washed. And the cleaned filter cloth can be reused after drying.

The features of plate filter:

1. Advanced design

2. Quality guarantee

3. Good filtering effect, less filtrate loss

4. Easy to operate, less consumption energy

5. Wide applications, suitable for filtering all kinds of crude oil

In the edible oil production process, the type and model of the plate filter should be selected according to the amount of processing capacity. If you need the plate filter or other auxiliary equipment, please leave us a message below, and we will reply you within 24 hours.



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