Canola oil processing plant

Canola oil processing plant

canola seedRape flower and canola seeds

Canola seed is a high oil content oilseed, which can reach about 39%-48%. The main producing countries is China, Canada, India, European community and so on. Thus lots of people are interested in setting up canola oil processing factory.

Every customer has their own requirements for building a canola oil processing factory. According to customer's needs for processing canola seeds amount per day, Henan Doing Company provides different suggesstions of technology process.

Some suggestions are as following for customer reference:

Raw material Processing canola seeds amount per day Suggesstions of technology process
Canola seeds 1-10tpd Screw oil press machine
20-50tpd Canola seeds pretreatment & pressing plant
50-1000tpd Canola seeds pretreatment & pre-pressing & solvent extraction plant
Crude canola oil 1-20tpd Batch type canola oil refinery plant
20-50tpd Semi-continuous canola oil refinery plant
50-600tpd Full-continuous canola oil refinery plant

The complete canola seed oil production line mainly includes three workshop: Canola seeds pretreatment pressing plant, canola oil cake solvent extraction plant and canola oil refinery plant. You can choose one of them or all of them to set up a canola oil processing factory. 

canola oil processing machineThe complete canola oil production line

The first step is canola seeds pretreatment & pressing plant, mainly including cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking, pressing, filtering. Finally, you get crude canola oil and oil cakes.

canola oil processing plantThe canola oil pretreatment & pressing machines and working process flow chart

The second step is canola oil cake solvent extraction plant, mainly including solvent extraction system – D.T.D.C system – Mixed oil evaporation system – Condenser & Recovery system. Finally, the oil residue can be less than 1%.

canola oil extraction plantThe equipment in canola oil solvent extraction plant

The third step is canola oil refinery plant, which is to refine crude canola oil into refined canola oil. Through degumming, deacidification, decolorization and  deodorization process, remove impurities in the crude canola oil, such as gums, FFA, pigment, bad odors, etc. Aims at improving the canola oil storage stability, flavor and color, to get standard quality edible oil.

Canola oil refinery plant has three types, as the following picture shows:

canola oil refinery plantThree types canola oil refinery plant

The brief introduction of canola oil processing plant is all. Tell us your canola seed amount you want to process per day, and our engineers design for you and give you the best quotation. Welcome to leave your message!

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