Cottonseed oil processing plant

Cottonseed oil processing plant


Cottonseed oil content is about 16-20%. Through different processing methods, we can get three kinds of cottonsed oil.

1. Crude cottonseed oil (produced by cottonseed oil pressing plant or solvent extraction plant)

2. Refined cottonseed oil (produced by cottonseed oil refining plant)

3. Final cottonseed oil (produced by cottonseed oil fractionation plant)

As long as you tell us your ideal amount of cottonseed feeding/processing per day (or your invest budget), Henan Doing Company's engineers can advise you to choose which type machinery.

Cotton seed feeding capacity per day (Tons/Day) Suggest proposal
1TPD - 10TPD Using screw oil press machine
20TPD - 50TPD Cotton seed oil mechanical pressing line
100TPD-2000TPD Cotton seed oil pretreatment & pre-pressing + cake solvent extraction line

The introduction of main cottonseed oil processing machinery:

1. Single screw oil presse machine

cottonseed oil press machineCottonseed oil press machine(1-10tpd)

2. Cottonseed oil mechanical pressing line

cottonseed oil processing plantCotton seed oil mechanical pressing line(20-50tpd)

3. Cottonseed oil pretreatment & pre-pressing + cake solvent extraction line

The cottonseed pretreatment and pre-pressing section is the same as above picture, so next I will show the cake solvent extraction plant of cottonseed oil.

cottonseed oil extraction plantThe cottonseed oil solvent extraction plant(100TPD-2000TPD)

Solvent extraction is a process, in which use one material called solvent, normally choosing Hexane – a petroleum by product to extract the oil from oil seeds. After extracting oil, the Hexane can be cooled and recycled to use again, and crude cottonseed oil is sent to cottonseed oil refinery plant for refining.

The introduction of cottonseed oil refinery machine:

Cottonseed oil refinery machine are divided into three types: batch type, semi-continuous and full-continuous. They use different oil refining method, but the final cottonseed oil are all qualified with the standard.

cottonseed oil refineryThree types cottonseed oil refinery plant

Henan Doing Company provides turnkey project: client’s inquiry--design proposal--manufacturing machinery--shipping--- installation--training client’s workers--- commisioning--- managing client’s running---after sale service. Welcom to contact us!

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