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How to choose suitable machine for making cooking oil?

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Many customers want to start cooking oil production business, but don't know how to choose suitable machine for making cooking oil. As professional cooking oil machine manufacturer, Henan Doing Company can give you best suggestions on choosing suitable machine for making cooking oil.

1. What is your raw material?

This question will be firstly asked by our sales manager, because it is the key factor that decides what machine you should choose.

oil seedsDifferent oil seeds and their oil content

Some customers have oil seeds and want to make crude oil or refined oil, then they need oil seeds pretreatment machine, cooking oil press machine or solvent extraction machine and cooking oil refining machine. And some want to refine the crude oil into refined product oil, so they only need cooking oil refining machine.

In addition, if the oil seed is different, the machine for pretreat the oil seeds will be also different. For example, groundnut, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds all need husking machine, but the husking machine is different.

cooking oil making machineThree kinds of husking machine

So generally, you need tell us your oil seeds kind and then our engineers will design the process for you.

2. How many tons oil seeds or crude oil you want to process per day?

The more the input capacity, the more complex the configuration. 

cooking oil making machineDifferent configuration machine for making sunflower oil

Usually, if you want to make crude cooking oil from oil seeds, below 10 tons per day, a cooker and a cooking oil press machine will be enough. Between 10-30 tons per day, you can choose a complete cooking oil press line. And above 30 tons per day, using pre-press and solvent extraction method is the best choice.

And if you want to refine the crude oil into refined cooking oil, there are three types of cooking oil refining machine you can choose: 1-20tpd batch type cooking oil refining machine, 10-50tpd semi-continuous type cooking oil refining machine and 30-600tpd full-continuous type cooking oil refining machine.

cooking oil refining machineThree types of cooking oil refining machine

3. How much money do you want to invest?

This is the most important factor that determines the configuration of your cooking oil machine. If your budget is little, but want to make crude oil from oil seeds, you can buy a set of integrated cooking oil press machine, and other processes can be replaced by manual.

If you want to buy cooking oil refining machine, and have enough budget, you can choose higher configuration cooking oil refining machine. For example, our Indonesian customer buy 5tpd palm oil refining machine, he choose semi-continuous type cooking oil refining machine because he want to get higher quality refined palm oil.

cooking oil refining machine5tpd semi-continuous palm oil refining plant project in Indonesia

4. What methods you want to choose to make cooking oil?

When the input capacity is more than 30tpd, you can choose press method or solvent extraction method to make crude cooking oil. And the cooking oil refining method also has two kinds: chemical refining method and physical refining method. These will be discussed and come to an agreement before sign the contract.

Henan Doing Company is very glad to help you choose suitable machine for making cooking oil. And our engineers has rich experience in design the cooking oil making process and refining process. Welcome to contact us!

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