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What is canola seeds? How to make canola oil in factory?

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canola seedCanola seeds

Canola seeds is one kind of special rapeseed which was planted by Canada scientist in 1978. It grows in Asia and Europe warm area. The features of canola are as follows:

1) With high oil content of 38%-44%

2) With hard husks

3) With low erucic acid and low sinigrin

4) Suitable for produce better quality cooking oil than rapeseed oil, because of the special structure.

How to make canola seeds oil in factory? There are two methods of making canola oil: pressing method and solvent extraction method.

canola oil processing plantCanola oil making process flow in factory

The processing steps of pressing method includes cleaning, de-stone, magnetic separation, cooking, and pressing.

And the processing steps of solvent extraction method contains pretreatment and pre-pressing section, which includes cleaning, de-stone, magnetic separation, cooking and pre-pressing, and solvent extraction section.

These two methods of making canola oil are widely used in industrial factory, normally the customers need choose the most suitable method for them. About how to choose it, there are main points need to be considered: input capacity and budget.

Normally the solvent extraction method suits for the input capacity more than 30 tons/day. And the cost of machine is higher than using pressing method. But the canola oil yield of solvent extraction method is more 6% than that of pressing method.

After processing by pressing plant or solvent extraction plant, the final step is refinery. After refinery you can get the good grade canola oil which can be sold in supermarket.

If you are interested in making the canola oil by setting up a canola oil production factory, pls let us know, and we will supply more guidance for you.

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