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What factors will affect the oil yield in sunflower oil production process?

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High oil yield will create more profit for oil producers. That is also an issue DOING engineers research and explore. As our study, there are 4 main factors affecting the oil yield: specific oil content for oil seeds, whether to reach the input requirement, presser type, workers actual operation. In the following passage, I will explain to you how to get high oil yield in the sunflower oil extraction production process.

Firstly, every kind of oil seed's maximum oil content is inherent. Like sunflower oil seed (with shell), its oil content is 45%-54%. This reason we don't say more because we cannot change it using present technology.

sunflower oil production processSunflower seeds pretreatment machines and oil presser

Secondly, we can make the sunflower seeds to reach standard parameter before pressing, and then to get more oil. For example, if your sunflower oil seed has impurities like stones and sand, and directly put into presser, the impurities will not only decrease oil output, but are harmful to machine. To deal with the problem, we suggest client to do some steps before pressing, like cleaning, husking, flaking, cooking. Those steps will make sunflower oil yield near 45%-54%.

Thirdly, choose proper sunflower oil presser. If your capacity is large but choose small scale presser, the oil residue will be higher. For sunflower oil processing line, we use prepress and pressing machine, through double pressing way to extract oil, which will control oil residue at the range of 5%-7%.

sunflower oil press machineChoosing suitable sunflower oil presser can make the residual oil rate lower

Fourthly, oil yield is relevant with actual operation, especially for large scale sunflower oil production line. Complete machine commissioning is the most important. Of course we Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd will offer you successful project commissioning and training to ensure it runs well by your local worker.

Besides, sunflower oil yield also in relation to local seed and environment condition, and other more factors. If you concern about this problem when building sunflower oil production project, we welcome you to contact us. Our professional sales manager will make plan for you based on your real condition.

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