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Palm kernel oil press detail display and idling video

Date:07 22,2022/ Video/ Leave a message

This video shows us what a palm kernel oil press looks like and how it is idling. Before idling the palm kernel oil press, we have done a series of preparatory work, such as equipment accessories inspection, equipment wiring, equipment debugging, etc. We can see from the video that the palm kernel oil press is in good condition.

Palm kernels are the internal nuts/seeds obtained from the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil is mainly obtained by pressing technology from the innermost layer of the oil palm fruit. Palm kernel seeds are hard, tough and very whole. They contain about 35% to 45% oil, which is quite a lot. So in order to get palm kernel oil, we need to use special palm kernel oil processing equipment - professional palm kernel oil press.

Small palm kernel oil pressSmall palm kernel oil press

So far, our palm kernel oil presses have been used in several palm fruit growing countries. They are perfectly designed to maximize overall pressing efficiency. The design of the two-stage press system reduces the oil loss of the final filter cake.

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