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The introduction of bucket elevator:

In the process of edible oil production, bucket elevators are often used to transport granular or powdered oil seeds vertically from low to high places. Inside it are hoppers that are evenly fixed on the endless traction member, which can continuously load oil seeds and achieve the purpose of conveying. The bucket elevator has three types: ring chain, plate chain and belt.

The working principle of bucket elevator:

bucket elevatorThe working process of bucket elevator

The hopper scoops up the oil seeds from the place where the oil seeds are stored below. It is lifted to the top by means of the ring chain, plate chain or belt, and then turns down after bypassing the top wheel. The hopper pours the oil seeds into the receiving tank.

The main structure of bucket elevator:

Bucket elevator consists of running parts, driving device, upper device, middle casing and lower device.

bucket elevatorThe structure of bucket elevator

Running parts --- consists of hopper and chain or belt.

Driving device --- uses a variety of combinations to drive. (Depending on the actual needs of the customer)

Upper device --- equipped with rails, backstops, and anti-return rubber plates at the discharge opening.

Middle casing --- The intermediate sections of some machines are equipped with rails to prevent the chain from swinging during operation.

Lower device --- equipped with automatic tensioning device.

Features of bucket elevator:

1. Have good sealing performance and reduce environmental pollution.

2. Easy operation and maintenance, less wearing parts.

3. Low cost due to less energy saving and maintenance.

4. Small mechanical size. Compared with other various elevators with the same lifting capacity, the mechanical size of the bucket elevator is smaller.

5. Large conveying capacity, used for the vertical lifting of various powdery and lumpy granules, suitable for edible oil processing industry.

What type of bucket elevator is needed depends on the input capacity of your edible oil mill plant project. In the process of designing, the type of bucket elevator has been determined by the engineer. Therefore, Doing Company will provide you with the appropriate equipment for the project according to the specific project design. If need, please contact us!

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