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The introduction of scraper conveyor

Scraper conveyor is generally used in palm oil processing plant projects. It is a conveying device used to receive and transport large palm fruit bunches to the sterilizing section. The scraper conveyor is pulled by a scraper chain, which is mainly composed of three parts: the head part, the middle part and the tail part. In addition, there are auxiliary components such as a hydraulic jack device for the conveyor transfer process and a chain tensioner for tightening the chain in the working process.

scraper conveyorThe scraper conveyor in large scale palm oil processing plant

The head part of the scraper conveyor is composed of a headstock, a motor, a hydraulic coupler, a reducer, a sprocket and other parts. The middle part is composed of transition groove, middle groove, chain and scraper. The tail part is a device which can make the the scraper chain return back.

The working principle of scraper conveyor

When the head drive part of the scraper conveyor starts to work,  it will drive the chain wheel on the head shaft rotating, so that the scraper chain circulates to drive the palm fruit bunches along the chute until they are unloaded at the end of scraper conveyor. 

scraper conveyerThe structure of scraper conveyor

In this process, the scraper chain bypasses the sprocket to form a closed circulation track, which achieves the purpose of continuously transporting palm fruit bunches.

The features of scraper conveyor

1. Solid structure. Can withstand the impact of external forces from large pieces of materials, such as palm fruit bunches.

2. Low height, easy to install and operate.

3. It can be operated in reverse to facilitate handling the troubles of bottom chain.

4. Simple structure. It can be fed or unloaded at any point in the conveying length.

As for which size of the scraper conveyor to choose, it is determined by the customer's project design. Doing Company is one of the Chinese manufacturers of R & D, design and manufacture of palm oil production equipment, and has 9 years of export experience. If you need to purchase palm oil production equipment or a design for a palm oil processing plant, please contact us. For other project auxiliary equipment, we will provide you with preferential quotations according to the engineer's design.

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