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What equipment are required for groundnut oil production?

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In 1-10 Tons per day small groundnut oil production mill, there only is one set of groundnut oil press machine, which can fulfil the production requirement of you. Or add a set of cooking machine to improve the groundnut oil yield. But for large groundnut oil production plant, two sets of machines is not enough. You need groundnut pretreatment machine, groundnut oil press machine, groundnut oil solvent extraction machine, groundnut oil refinery machine. 

groundnut oil press machineCooker and groundnut oil press machine used in small groundnut oil production mill

If you want to use mechanical pressing way only, it’s better to adopt twice-pressing technology. Besides mechanical pressing way, solvent extraction technology is another good choice for large capacity. Because the oil residue can be decreased lower than 1%.

Groundnut pretreatment machine

groundnut oil extraction machineEquipment required for large scale groundnut oil production plant

The commonly used equipment for groundnut pretreatment are cleaning machine, husking machine, cracking machine, flaking machine, cooking machine. These machines can be customized according to your requirement, and we Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd will make properest plan for you.  

The cleaning machine will remove dust, stone, magnetic impurities for groundnut seed. Given the groundnut seed capacity and clean level, our engineer will equip proper machine for you. The familiar cleaning machines are cleaning sieve, destoner, magnetic separator. 

Because of the groundnut shell will reduce the oil yield, husking machine is a necessary machine for you. If you only have a set of groundnut oil press machine, you had better to husk the groundnuts by hand ahead.

The cleaning, husking, cracking, flaking, cooking steps all belongs to pretreatment steps, aiming to increase oil yield, decrease oil loss, reduce machine wear and extend machine life, and prepare for next oil-pressing step.

Groundnut oil press machine

Through groundnut oil pre-pressed machine, the oil residual rate will be about 11%. And through the second groundnut oil press machine, the oil residual rate will be decreased to 5%-7%. 

Groundnut oil solvent extraction machine

groundnut oil extraction machineEquipment required for groundnut oil solvent extraction plant

Usually, it is used in medium and large capacity, above 20tpd. And groundnut oil solvent extraction machine is expensive than mechanical technology and need independent explosive-proof workshop. The best advantage is that the oil residual rate could be decreased lower than 1%. 

Groundnut oil refinery machine

groundnut oil refining machineThree types of groundnut oil refinery machine

Groundnut oil refinery machine is to refine the crude groundnut oil into refined groundnut oil. Henan Doing Company can customize 1-1000tpd groundnut oil refinery machine according to your needs.

Henan Doing Company has own factory which can manufacture all the equipment for groundnut oil production and has professional engineers team which can design the groundnut oil production process according to your needs. Welcome your contacting for more details.

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