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How sunflower oil is produced by different production process?

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The production process of sunflower seed oil can be divided into two kinds: Pretreatment pressing process(Physical pressing) and Pretreatment leaching process. The production of sunflower oil by Pretreatment pressing can retain 99% of the nutrients in sunflower oil. However, the production of sunflower seed oil by Pretreatment leaching process has high oil yield and high economic benefit, which is a popular production method of sunflower seed oil in modern oil industry. You can further understand the production process of two kinds of sunflower seed oil through the detailed introduction below.

sunflower oil production method2 common sunflower oil production processes (metods)

Production process of sunflower oil by Pretreatment pressing method:

1.Cleaning: use magnetic separator, cleaning sieve and stone removal machine to remove iron filings, stones, grass, soil and other impurities in sunflower seeds.

2.Shelling: use the shelling machine to remove the shell of sunflower seeds, on the one hand, it can avoid the absorption of oil on the shell of sunflower seeds to reduce oil loss, on the other hand, it can also avoid the sunflower seed shell affecting the operation of the equipment and damaging the equipment.

3.Flaking: the shelled sunflower seeds are transported to the flaking machine for rolling embryo. Flaking is the process of rolling sunflower seeds into thin slices, destroying the cell tissue and making it easier for the oil to flow out.

4.Cooking: Cooking can adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of sunflower seeds so that the oil will be better when pressed. The equipment used for steaming is oilseed vertical steam cooker.

5.Pre-pressing: The roasted sunflower seeds is first transported to the pre-pressing machine for pressing, and part of the oil is extracted first, which can improve the yield of sunflower seed oil. Pre-pressed sunflower cake oil content is 15%, transferred to the oil press machine for secondary pressing.

6.Pressing: The equipment used for pressing is the oil press machine. The oil press machine mainly uses the extruding action of external mechanical forces to extract the oil from the press cake, so as to obtain pressed sunflower seed oil. The residual oil rate of final pressed sunflower seed cake is about 6%.

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sunflower oil processing machine Sunflower seeds pretreatment and pressing process

Production process of sunflower oil by pretreatment and leaching process method:

The operations of the sunflower oil pretreatment part is the same as the operations of sunflower oil physical pressing process, so it will not be introduced here. Next, we mainly introduce the production process from sunflower seed cake to the leaching sunflower oil.

1.Leaching: Sunflower seed cake is sent to the extractor by conveying equipment, and two parts are obtained after solvent leaching: mixed oil containing solvent and wet meal containing solvent. The solvent used for leaching is No. 6 light gasoline.

2.Wet meal desolventizing drying: The wet meal discharged from the extractor contains 25% ~ 35% solvent, in order to make these solvents can be recovered, and get better quality sunflower seed meal. The equipment used in this process is Desolventizer Toaster Dryer and Cooler.

3.Evaporation stripping of mixed oil: The mixed oil consists of grease and solvent. Solvent can be separated from the mixed oil by evaporation stripping. Solvent and oil are mutually soluble and their boiling points differ, so the solvent can be separated by evaporation and stripping.

4.Solvent condensation recovery: The solvent separated from wet meal and mixed oil can be recovered and reused by condensation recovery, which reduces the solvent loss in the leaching process and reduces the production cost of sunflower seed oil.

Most of the oil in sunflower seed cake can be extracted by sunflower oil solvent extraction plant. After leaching, the residual oil rate of sunflower seed cake is less than 1%, which improves the yield of sunflower seed oil and reduces the oil loss.

sunflower oil solvent extraction plant Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant built by Henan Glory Company

Both the pretreatment pressing process and the pretreatment leaching process are the main methods for production sunflower oil. As for which oil production process to choose, we need to comprehensively consider the actual situation of the customers. However, it is need to note that the sunflower oil obtained by pretreatment -pressing process can be simply filtered and eaten. But the sunflower oil obtained by pretreatment leaching process can't be eaten directly, it needs to be transported to the cooking oil refining workshop for refining to get high quality cooking oil.

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