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Where can I buy high quality mustard oil press machine?

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The quality of the oil press has a significant impact on the processing efficiency and oil yield in mustard oil pressing. Therefore, the machine quality should be highly paid attention to while selecting mustard oil press machine. If you want to buy high quality mustard oil press machine, then I can show you the way: welcome to customize it from Doing Holdings-Henan Glory Company!

henan glory companyHenan Glory Company

1.Henan Glory Company’s comprehensive strength

①Professional engineer and technical team:  they can customize the most suitable mustard oil processing solutions and mustard oil pressing machine for you.

②Patent certificate: many of our advanced cooking oil processing technology has won the national patent certificate.

③Independent factory and overseas warehouse: In Henan Glory’s factory and overseas warehouse, there are many spots goods of mustard oil press machine, on the one hand, customers can come to have a factory visit, on the other hand, customers can directly order the mustard oil press machine and we will arrange delivery immediately.

④Complete customer service: Henan Glory can offer customers installation & operation manual and 1 year warranty for the mustard oil press machine. And once there is any problem on machine running, we can provide online or video guide any time.

oil press machineCustomers visit our factory's oil presser

2.Glory’s mustard oil press machine outstanding advantages

①Multiple choice: Glory has three kinds of mustard oil press machine for customers to choose, screw oil press machine, automatic temperature controlled integrated oil press machine with vacuum filter, and automatic hydraulic oil press machine.

②High oil extraction rate: Our mustard oil press machine can extract rapeseed oil to the maximum extent, and even control the residual oil rate below 7%.

③Long service life: Made of high quality steel, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean.

④Multiple uses: Glory’s oil press machine is widely used, not only can be used to squeeze mustard oil, but also can be used to squeeze other oil seeds, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

If you have interests, welcome to contact us to get free quote or have a factory visit to Henan Glory Company. Our dedicated sales manager will accompany you and introduce the mustard oil press machine or the whole set of mustard oil processing machine for you!

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