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What's the preparatory work for setting up a peanut oil mill plant?

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Setting up a peanut oil mill plant is a profitable business but also a complex thing. If doing some preparatory work in advance, the progress will be smoother and easier. The preparatory work for setting up a peanut oil mill plant mainly includes three parts: creating peanut oil processing business plan, going through the formalities, purchasing suitable peanut oil processing machine.

Creating a peanut oil processing business plan is an important preparatory work for setting up a peanut oil mill plant. The main contents of business plan include feasibility study preparation, peanut oil mill plant scale, plant location, plant layout, peanut raw material supply and power system settings, etc. These elements are helpful to formulate the development of peanut oil mill plant.

peanut oil mill plantPeanut oil mill plant

Edible oil pressing plant belongs to food production enterprises, must go through complete formalities before setting up a peanut oil mill plant. The specific formalities include industrial and commercial business license, food business license and sanitation license, etc. For large-scale edible oil mill plant, fire protection certificate and environmental protection certificate are also required. It’s suggested to consult the local industrial and commercial bureau for specific registration procedures.

Peanut oil processing machine plays a vital role in the peanut oil mill plant. It is not only related to the extraction rate of peanut oil, but also related to the quality of the extracted peanut oil. When purchasing peanut oil processing machine, the machine processing technology and the qualifications of the machine manufacturer should be highly paid attention to.

peanut oil processing machinePeanut oil processing machine

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