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What affect the price of cooking oil machine?

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Cooking oil machine is very popular now. Many customers of Henan Doing asked the price directly. Actually there are many factors that affect the price. Both the size and strength of the machine manufacturer and the production process of core components can affect the price.

[The First Factor Affecting the Price of cooking oil machine]: The size and strength of the machine manufacturer

The quality of cooking oil machine produced by different cooking oil machine manufacturers is different. Because the strength of small workshops and large manufacturers is very different. The manufacturer is large in scale and the factory was established early, so the cost invested by the manufacturer is greater. In addition, the formal cooking oil machine factory has professional technicians and many patented cooking oil machine technologies, which are incomparable with other small cooking oil machine factories. Therefore, the cooking oil machine looks very simple and the appearance is the same, but the internal quality is very different. Actually, the difference between direct sales of manufacturers and agents looking for factories is also very large. Therefore, before asking about the price, you had better first investigate the scale and strength of the cooking oil machine manufacturer.

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[The Second Factor Affecting the Price of cooking oil machine]: The Production Process of Core Components

The core components of cooking oil machine are made by what process, which directly affects the quality of cooking oil machine. If you don't come to the factory for inspection, you may not know that many small cooking oil machine workshops still use very backward manual hammering and polishing methods to manufacture cooking oil machine. You probably can't use a cooking oil machine made under these conditions with confidence.

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