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How much does soybean oil extraction machine cost?

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Soybean oil plays an important role in the production and consumption of vegetable oils in the world. The yield of soybean oil is second only to palm oil among all oil varieties in the world. Therefore, more and more manufacturers hope to get involved in soybean oil production business, so how much does soybean oil extraction machine cost?

When extracting soybean oil, the soybean oil extraction machine required for different processing capacity of raw materials is different, so the price is also different. We are generally divided into small processing capacity and large processing capacity to match soybean oil extraction machine:

1.For beginners or initial investor customers whose daily processing capacity is less than 20 tons, we have a special soybean oil press machine for extracting soybean oil, which is the result of many experiments by our engineers with more than ten years of experience, and the operation simple and efficient, the oil yield can reach 95%-96%. Equipment prices range from $6,800 to $55,000.

Soybean oil press machineSoybean oil press machine

2.For customers with experience in oil extraction, stable raw materials, and sites, we have a soybean oil production line with a daily output of 5-30 tons, including cleaning-cooking-frying-pressing-filtering and tempering soybeans, etc., so that they can get better crude oil , the final oil is very clear and translucent. Equipment prices range from $15,000 to $75,000.

Small scale soybean oil production lineSmall scale soybean oil production line

3.For large-scale soybean oil production lines and large factories with more than 30 tons, soybean oil extraction machine is used to achieve the best oil output after cleaning, crushing, softening, rolling, cooking, oil pressing and other processes. The price of the equipment is around $110,000.(Recommend reading: Soybean oil processing plant)

Large scale soybean oil production lineLarge scale soybean oil production line

4. If the processing capacity is higher, we have professional engineers who can customize for customers to meet customer needs.

For more information about soybean oil extraction machine or other cooking oil extraction machine, welcome to consult Henan Glory Company, we will provide you with professional advice and free quotation.

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