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How to achieve mechanization of sunflower oil processing?

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If you want to get the maximum profit in your sunflower oil processing business, mechanization of sunflower oil processing is essential, so how to mechanize your sunflower oil processing? Henan Glory Company offers you some suggestions:

1.First of all, you need to understand the processing process of sunflower oil: cleaning, shelling, steaming, pressing, filtering.

Sunflower oil processing processSunflower oil processing process

Cleaning: Cleaning equipment is used to remove impurities from raw materials. Common impurities include leaves, stones and magnets. Of course, cleaning equipment needs to be selected according to the impurities and types of raw materials.

Shelling: Use a sheller to separate the kernels and shells of sunflower seeds. Their shells not only affect the use of cooking oil production equipment, but also absorb part of the crude oil, causing oil loss, so they need to be removed.

Cooking: use the roaster to adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of the raw materials, and improve the production efficiency of sunflower oil.

Pressing: The raw material is made into crude oil with an oil press. If you want to speed up the oil production, you can choose a pre-press and an expeller for secondary pressing to produce more sunflower oil.

Filtration: Finally, the crude sunflower oil obtained by pressing is filtered to obtain cleaner sunflower oil.

2.Secondly, you need to purchase sunflower oil production equipment.

Sunflower oil production equipmentSunflower oil production equipment

The equipment needed in the process of sunflower oil processing includes: vibrating screen, stone remover, magnetic separator, sheller, kernel shell separation screen, roaster, oil press, filter, etc.The above are essential equipment for sunflower oil production plant, and the equipment is connected by a skein or bucket elevator to realize continuous mechanized operation.

If you want to engage in sunflower oil production business or purchase sunflower oil production equipment, please feel free to contact Henan Glory Company, we will provide you with professional advice and free quotation.


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