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How is your soybean oil extraction machine working and how effective is it?

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Soybean oil comes from the soybean seed and is the most productive oil in the world, and it is also very profitable. More and more people want to be in the soybean oil business, so how do we extract soybean oil from soybeans? How does soybean oil extraction machine work? How efficient is soybean oil extraction machine? I will go into the details next.

How do you extract soybean oil from soybeans?

Soybean oil extraction machineSoybean oil extraction machine

There are usually two methods of extracting soybean oil: one is the pre-treatment press method; the other is the pre-treatment puffing solvent extraction method. Pre-processing press method used in the machine are cleaning machine, flaking machine, roaster, oil press, filter machine, etc.; pre-processing puffing solvent extraction method used in the equipment are pre-processing machine, puffing machine, dryer, solvent extraction machine, etc.(Recommend reading: Soybean oil processing plant)

How does soybean oil extraction machine work?

Soybean oil production processSoybean oil production process

♦Firstly, cleaning machine is used to remove impurities from the raw material. Common cleaning machine includes magnetic separators, cleaning sieves and de-stoners.

♦Secondly, flaking machine and roaster are used to adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of the raw material to improve the production efficiency of soybean oil.

♦Thirdly, an oil press is used to press the soybean into crude soybean oil, which is then filtered. If you have a daily capacity of 20t or more, you can choose to puff and dry the soybean cake, which then goes into a solvent extraction machine to be leached to obtain soybean oil.

♦Fourthly, if you want to get high quality soybean oil, you can choose soybean oil refining machine to refine the crude oil, which includes four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolourisation and deodorisation.

How efficient is soybean oil extraction machine?

The removal rate of the cleaning machine can reach 98-99%. The residual oil rate of general oil presses is 10%, and the residual oil rate of Henan Glory's oil presses is as low as 6-7%. If you choose the pretreatment puffing solvent extraction method to extract soybean oil, then your residual oil rate can be reduced to less than 1%, helping you to maximise your profits.

This is a brief introduction to soybean oil extraction. If you need to know more about soybean oil production processes and soybean oil extraction machine, please feel free to contact us.

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